World Gelato Day, March 24th 2022

Travel Italy with us on World Gelato Day! A limited edition series of “Cannolato”, where classic Italian cannoli are filled with gelato…

In celebration of World Gelato Day (24 March), Johnny Di Francesco’s Zero Gradi team will launch a new series of limited edition Cannolato, where classic Italian cannoli are filled with gelato and decorated with Zero Gradi fan favourite toppings. With eleven limited edition Cannalato’s on offer, each with a gelato filling inspired by Johnny’s travels across Italy, there is a little something for everyone. For a taste of Milano enjoy a Hazelnut or Tiramisu Cannolato, or for something a bit stronger head to the Roma inspired flavours for a hit of Coffee or Amaretto. Venezia celebrates the classics with Chocolate and Lemon fillings, while seekers of sunshine and summer vibes might like to try the Positano inspired Vanilla and Campari editions.

The full list of limited edition cannolato flavours and their inspirations includes:
– Chocolate (Venezia)
– Lemon (Venezia)
– Pistacchio (Napoli)
– Salted Caramel (Napoli)
– Vanilla (Positano)
– Campari (Positano)
– Tiramisu (Milano)
– Hazelnut (Milano)
– Amaretto (Roma)
– Coffee (Roma)
– Ricotta (Calabria)
– Strawberry (Calabria)

The limited edition Cannolato’s will be available at Zero Gradi for one week only from Monday, 21 March through to Sunday, 27 March.