our story Gradi Mercato conjures the street markets of Italy. Our focus is quality Italian produce – salumi, fior de late, fresh pasta, biscotti and everything in between. Our Italian market was the result of a pivot during the 2020 lockdowns. What started as a way to offer our guests the opportunity to take home the food and ingredients they’d loved eating in our dining spaces, soon became an entity in its own right. We realised that what Gradi Mercato offers is a lasting and unique experience for lovers of good food.
‘Gradi Mercato has become a pillar of the Gradi Group – an expansion of all the heart that we put into 400 Gradi and a new experience for our diners and home cooks.’
There are take home meals alongside produce – some of our most loved menu items from the restaurant can be prepared in a flash at home. Our pizza making kits give home cooks the chance to try their hand at pizza making and are a great accompaniment to our Masterclasses. Gradi Mercato is set to grow and new sites will give people the option of choosing items off the shelves to eat in-house with a drink.

our brands

400 Gradi La Vera Pizza Napoletana - Our signature brand and the original. Our 400 Gradi venues are design-focused with an inviting atmosphere and our carefully curated full menu. Dinner for any number of diners and functions for any occasion, with warmth and fun, are at our heart.
Zero Gradi Gelateria & Dessert Bar - Hand-churned gelato, cannoli, pastries and cakes. Zero Gradi conjures the coastline of Campania with the good times to match. We offer gelato and cannoli cart hire and look out for our famous Zero Gradi Piaggio Ape (three wheeled truck).
Gradi Mercato Delicatessan & Grocer - Like visiting the street markets of rural Italy, Gradi Mercato is where you’ll find all our favourite secret ingredients along with our take-home family meals. From salumi to fior di latte, from semolina flour to our pre-made tiramisu, our shelves are stocked for your picking pleasure.
Gradi Pronto Pizza and Pasta To-go - We’re bringing great pizza, pasta and dessert – perfect for a bite on the go – to locations like stadiums, airports and pubs. Because when you’re out and about you should be able to pick up high-quality food, fast.
Masterclasses Our popular masterclasses run both in person and virtually with founder Johnny Di Francesco. You can learn all the trade secrets in making the perfect Neapolitan pizza, along with fresh pasta. We also run masterclasses for kids, for bambinos who love to cook (and eat).
Our Store We’re working to bring our favourite tools of the trade and quality wares to our online space. Our store is a one-stop shop for booking in masterclasses too.