Negroni week

An Italian story par excellence, that of the Negroni, one of the most loved cocktails, perfect from aperitif to after dinner.

From the myth, its blood ancestor, made with Campari and Vermouth, which was followed by the Americano, thanks to the addition of soda, the story goes that it was Count Camillo who brought Negroni to Italy, to be precise to Florence, the gin from London. Appreciating the taste, he asked his trusted bartender, Fosco Scarselli, to add it to the Americano. The addition of gin establishes a new way of drinking Americano, in the manner of Count Negroni, who in fact gave the new drink its name.

We take this week as an opportunity to support the charity Slow Foods who advocate for quality food and beverage that is good for both people & planet

Here are our Negroni’s:

Smoked Negroni: Tanquerray Gin – Cinzano Rosso – Campari – Rosemary
Coconut aged Negroni: Baron Samedi Spiced Rum – Campari – Coconut Water / Aged in a Coconut Shell
Pink Negroni: Skyy Vodka – Pink Dragon Fruit Cordial – Cinzano 1757 -Campari

To Celebrate Negroni Week why not take advantage of it and come down to Gradi for a nice aperitivo.