Euro Lager!

Introducing our exclusive Euro Lager, in collaboration with 4 Pines.

National Lager Day has just passed, so it’s no coincidence that we’ve celebrated by producing something that is brew-lliant, and offering our customers a taste experience that’s larger than life.

So, what’s better than a slice (or four) of traditional Neapolitan wood fired pizza paired with a pint of cold beer? Not a lot. Or so we thought…

Our team of Italian masterminds at 400 Gradi have partnered with 4 Pines Brewing Company to craft a European-inspired lager that was palatable with the smoky, wood-fire flavour. *Senses ignite*

Johnny Di Francesco and Fulvio Virgili (Gradi’s Beverage Operations Manager) ventured up to the Manly 4 Pines Brewery and met with the talented team at 4 Pines. Together, they brewed a sensational tasting beer that is now exclusive to 400 Gradi.

So, without further ado… Introducing you to, ‘400 Pines Euro Lager’ – a mild beer that’s crisp, clean, a little bit fruity with just a hint of woodiness, making it the perfect partner in crime to our traditional pizza. We’d recommend it with Johnny’s award winning Margherita or meaty Maialona. Sì. Delizioso.

“400 Pines Euro Lager brings out the delicate, rich flavours of the dough and salumi e Formaggi. Wood-fire pizza must be served with a beverage that complements the flavour, rather than overpower it. Together with the guys at 4 Pines, we have made a delicious brew that does just that,” Johnny said.

So, once you’ve recovered from National Lager Day on the 10thof December, make sure you get into 400 Gradi’s Eastland, Essendon and Brunswick restaurants from Thursday 13thof December to whet your palate with our pizzas and pints of pines.

With only five kegs of Euro Lager distributed across three restaurant locations, we’d suggest you get in quick!

400 Pines Euro Lager is available for a limited time (until sold out) at 400 Gradi Brunswick, Eastland and Essendon locations.

Drink Responsibly.
Open 12pm – 11pm (times may vary depending on store location).